Rainbow Colors

Here I go, to be with the Snow (the crystalline stone river), the heart of God is where I go, to be with those who know the glow (wisdom of the rising star from within) of heaven's call is the place I go. But will you come to me (White Buffalo Calf Woman), to receive your blessings for all Warriors of the Rainbow (four directions where the Rainbow Colors live inside of thee) know that to be called is the offering of the Blessings, where the Greatness of the Spirit finds peace!

Ask for your rainbow colors by emailing me. Be willing to wait, but I do my best to responded to everyone. Don't forget to write back, if I am not timely.  I need reminders.  
Love you. 
And I bless the nine sacred directions in you.  Welcome into my heart.  whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com, 
your devoted servant, 
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter, House of the Beloved (Star of David) Children of God, the Rainbow Clan.

Visit this blog http://crystal-indigo-children.blogspot.com to learn about rainbow colors  and what the terms Crystal and Indigo really mean to the world at large. Use the search box to look for many new colors we share in evolution's time, the third rolling hill, we enter this blind(ing), a light from within. We are Sun Dance (rainbow colors) clan.