Songs of the heart and holiness peace prayer songs have not been put up on the site.  There is much to do.  If you are interested in helping with this please join us at to work on this project with others.  We need those who are interested in speaking as guests as well as just team players for the crew to always have someone show up.  I can upload the sacred song blessings and Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flights, soul journeys, but will need others to support the Radio Broadcasts.

We also have a problem with White Buffalo Calf Woman want to be's.  And so, when you find a woman thinking she is White Buffalo Calf Woman, please let me know, and I will read her light and confirm or deny the claim as well as teach the person, if willing and offer blessings to them.

We are most concerned about crystal indigo children. Not all children are these two colors, but many rainbow colors.  We need people willing to fight for children around the world and parents who are beginning to recognize their own children. To learn more about terms,please visit

There is much corruption in the world, and we want to speak on all subjects, but also the new age skills that we are all learning to grasp.  The age of the Dawning.  There is much to do, we just need you, the Warriors of Prophecy who will arise.  For this year, the year of the Golden Calf will bring many home to us.

Aho, may your spirit fly!

Not yet begun broadcasting, forming team. Members of team below.

Blue Bird Dowsing, Buffalo Magic Rumble Roar, Stand Up Dream, Lisping Wise One, Holiness David, White Buffalo Calf Woman, and others too!  How about you?

"Radio Broadcast/Podcast"