Song of the Heart

The songs of the soul is like the wind, it flows and flows and goes and goes.  It's White Buffalo Calf Woman who hears your song, to let you understand, how perfect you are.  Now not only does your heart sing, but your flesh too has much to view, and even the light and dark does know which way you are flowing this day.  We all have a song in our hearts and we all have a song of the flesh, and all it takes for you to know is by asking White Buffalo Calf Woman who can hear, for she is the Elder Crystal Person who sings, to all who comes to know her breeze and even those who seem to hate, she will sing to them to know it's not too late, to be brothers and sisters in the wind again, to share our hearts and our hands to grow, to grow and plant the seeds of love, that's what we need, because it's God (Oneness).

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This Song of the Flesh or Light for Willed One Whispering Silence, our Storm's Embrace from her Son Noah
Crown of Love, our Southern Wind Song

Take me down to where the spring time does know!  Take me down to where the flowers blossom rare,  Take me to the fields where I can play and I will show you, how to play.  We can dance and make some noise.  We can be the ever clear.  For understanding is always here, when we know that God brings us, home to thee.

What can I be, to open the doors?  I say, will you please come open me.  I am the package of God's illuminosity, for we can be soldiers who long to be free.  And I will hold your hand, don't you sea, and I will
be the one, who can set you free. but you will have to hold my heart, so you can
be free. and I know you are God in me, when I serve thee.

Tell me how will I do it this way?  Tell me how will I make your tears go away?  I know you need me to learn how to play, because I know God in you, is here to bloom the way.  I love the mountains for they always shine.  I love the streams for they flow for thine. And I love you more than you could adore, because I am you, when you open the door.

We can climb mountains, we can be free.  Just sing and dance today and we will be spring. for all the mountains will come to your heart, when you slide down, to the river where it always starts.  Heaven is within me.  Heaven is coming home. And you are my soldier, my heart divine.  Just hold my hand, and you will be set free, when you play the trumpet and ring I'll be free.

Whisper to mountains, where the sun does shine whisper to me in my heart of thine.  And I will be with you, just call upon me.  And I will be snow upon the mountains to the seas. I will be mountains a heart of gold. I will be mountains, full of snow.  The river of flowing will come to me, when your heart is with me and all is set free.

sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman
drum by Holiness David Running Eagle